An Open Letter To #JordanPeterson

An open letter written by Lee Sonogan

Burn the Books: Jordan Peterson, Penguin and the Hitler Youth | by Steve  Glaveski | Medium

Dear Mr Peterson

Initially doubting if this is the time and place to do this, I want to ask questions anyway along the lines of one theme. Already following by the example which is so far from those haters painting you as some sort of evil guy. You are an embodied result of long term service to one on one psychology. I know two things about myself being what I write is my therapy. But is it worth it getting a psychologist degree to start gaining experience in counselling?

As an interviewee, there is so much to move mountains with you based on your return to podcasting. As a current blogger, what you have shared previously and new stuff combined with hours together has been very inspiring. First, it was Joe Rogan, you to then as many people I can reach. Overall your my type of person and it means more to me. Then I can stretch my descriptive vocabulary closely from my experience studying linguistics.

Honestly, it is refreshing how your centre positions are but that is just a two dimensional way of thinking about it I assume you already know? Concluding with that final speculation, your content is necessary for my book in a focused process that I like to think you will appreciate. And more than that earning your attention one day as the ultimate form as some sort of respect. Setting goals you can’t blame me ending with this haiku

PS – If I could request one conversation… I would find it interesting if you get in the same room wavelength with Peter Joseph. There might be a clash of personalities with both parties although something fascinating of anyone consuming.

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