Journal Entry 95# Unofficial Cards

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

Satellarknight deck profile | Duel Amino

By design, I have titled this journal entry subjective on direct purpose explaining my key card game. Arguably the casino card games fit in the same category but Yu-Gi-Oh! is equal all the same. In my honest opinion more complex than Magic The Gathering involving monster imaged base strategy more than odds, I am familiar with many decks.

Regarding the ‘unofficial part is wanting to get more healthy competition within more high-quality tournaments or something with more stakes. Around 2013 I went to around three tournaments and I won/lost some best out of three matches with an archetype of Stellarknight that have not been used since at least with the top duelists in the world. Visit my YouTube channel to see many of those reimagined with my changes plus more adaptation (Minecraft video irrelevant but full quality when 4K is processed)

Answering the title in person I am willing to show up with printed cardboard cards with official sleeves I have leftover. If people are triggered I want to be able to say I’m trying to win proper/rare ones for myself. As Virtual Reality get bigger, there is already a video game of it with the technology only to be also used augmented and fully realistic. Then this franchise shall have a boom in the current culture wars emphasizing the gambling experience.

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