An Open Letter To An Anonymous Old Mate

An open letter written by Lee Sonogan

Is it just me or does old-mate look likes he is struggling to carry her? -  Imgur

Dude, you got to understand I have reflected a lot on the hour conversation and hope this is not too out of the blue. Let me use an urban dictionary Australian colloquialism. A replacement term for a person’s name within a sentence. Usage stems from the idea that a person need not be named during a statement or anecdote, but that his or her identity can be deduced by the context of the message. There is an infinite amount of stuff I need to talk to you about to fill in the subjective gaps.

Developing this somewhat pitch, there is so much speculative stuff we mentioned to this mystery book I’m working on. Expressing political or conflicts of interest positions this piece of work shall go implemented with the most centred equations, metrics or a whole lot more ways. To look at it beyond the two-dimensional ways of the simple left or right talking points. From what I have shared with you since we were younger, all those relevant cultural perspectives. (The best to inperet with ya)

“Outstanding discoveries, insights and developments do not happen in a vacuum.” — Nobel Laureate Tom Steitz, on the impacts of discussions with collaborators on his research.

People hold themself up by a lot of things where I know your identity by how transparent you are. You show you are not afraid of rabbit holes where your one of few people that I desperately want to collaborate with. I need your wholesome mind with whatever you consider it for this ultimate book of everything to how I vision it. Hopefully, that covers the main reason why I wrote this and is appreciated in one way or another. A conversation like this proves that we are not in the silent majority anymore.

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