Fact Or Fiction? Freemasons And Enlightenment Era Correlations

An article writen by Lee Sonogan

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‘Annuit cœptis’, ‘Novus ordo seclorum’ are two Latin sayings with the seal of America but labelled in reverse. Modern times show that there is plenty more than the surface protests covering what lays beneath. Social organisations inspired by the Eye of Horus (Egyptian Mythology). Or other seemly balanced fraternal system of people, it is more than these conspiracies like descriptions. To examine history you need to see the mass enlightenment periods. of times found in conversational location-based lodgings.

Since the 14th century, it has been documented local guilds generating independents. Progress, based on all sorts of delightful philosophy. Inspiring writers and political figures alike, for each subjective genre out there, those patterns reveal experience not twisted by the winners perspective. They build their own scriptures and very open in current in correlation to the video down below.

Not distracted by the sports of a club, the action is a win/win mentorship with others. Overall I do not think it is all that organised to be the New World Order illumiti cliche. Some would be dirty doing business with lobbyists and all that. The remaining has to be taking virtue seriously but not as bad as the Dark Web Intellectual I can’t personally comprehend.

Then closing statements is over the hundreds of years, we have worked together in opposition and for the greater good. Relating to the religious aspects, some faction formed to be anti the over the top stuff in life. To be honest I have tried to join these types of question tribes before but anything has its own requirements that you have evidence of proving.

Fact or Fiction? What was the question again?



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