We Brought A Zoo, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

2hr11mins (2011) Family/Drama

Reflections on the movie We Bought a Zoo - Minette Riordan, Ph.D.

I am grateful that in this cynical world, there are still artists who are courageous enough not to run from earnestness, but to embrace it. Cameron Crowe has done just that with WE BOUGHT A ZOO. This is a beautiful movie, full of life – truthfully acted, beautifully shot and lovingly directed. holdenkara (IMDB – 10/10)

A story proving that is harder to take care of animals than you may think, We Bought A Zoo is a whole family drama a lot of people could like. For one of Matt Damon’s least known roles, he really makes this one something. Alongside Scarlett Johansson, Maggie Elizabeth Jones, Thomas Haden Church cameos. Loosely based on the 2008 memoir by the same name by Benjamin Mee, human and pet alike have many serious implications.

With a pretty big budget of $50 million, it was successful in making 130 million at the box office. Putting a lot of production value on the zoo itself really empathise the stakes and conflict of the characters. Even that kid actors were worked in an interesting. I bet angry vegans would call this work of nazis but why do I find it so beautiful and underrated?

Overall it goes over the average length and for the most part consistent in keeping your attention. Stealing a tagline from someone else review ‘Like the Animals, Love the People’. Plenty of positive perspective amongst all the doom and gloom not every piece of media is able to capture to this extent. Wanna rate it higher but gotta be biased to my out of ten systems beyond just me.




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