Journal Entry 94# INVADING LUCHA Paperback is LIVE?

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

The folly of the Amazon self-publishing platform current services makes me question if this will be my last book there. Don’t get me wrong in appreciating the more subtly sides to the benefits but there a struggle in formating your book more than calculated sizes. For over a month I have reconstructed this graphic novel from landscape to portrait because this is apparently not supportive yet (Like other practical things). And there is a lot to digital printing vs paperbacks more using these such comic images at full high quality.

Now my biggest concern is I spent all this time making it perfect on the print preview version before that final review being all good so far. On the editor, even my Book Cover looks good in the launcher with the margin’s bleed zones designated or the system gives you a roadblock. Then why does it show the book cover and look inside preview weirdly out of place?

Making these images the correct sizes directed by the program getting this far under the rules, is it still just updating? For purpose of this journal entry, I know how to make adjustments but a day and a half to see if the edit makes it whole is a little annoying. Once that is complete know that it will appear under each post on this website a part of some promotional but only then.

Overall I will take my responsibility for not knowing all the complete ways to fully format what service but none exist as simply as it seems if you’re doing it seriously. It makes sense that many freelancer sites offer their service to do it professionally. You could make a case that Amazon invests in technology that renders well with all the document file types. And mainly pdfs known to be bad with it (My limitation on Then I would have saved a lot of time…

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