Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck and Combos: Laval Deck

Using all the OCG cards in my last few decks, this is no exception. Ideally, for the boss monster not in the TCG there was not new support but hybrid well with the not-banned card from combos about to be explained.

Laval Archives - YGOPRODECK


Laval Cannon X3

Laval Burner X3

Laval Lancelord X2

Laval Archer X3

Laval Miller

Laval Blaster

Laval Lakeside Lady X3

Laval Coatl

Laval Forest Sprite




Cauldron of the Old Man


Gold Sarcophagus

Instanst Fusion

Monster Reorn

Power of the Guardian

Pot of Desires

Dark Santuary

Molten Conduction Field X3




Buregeoning Whirlflame

Dustflame Blast

Lost Wind

Evenly Matched

Wall of Revealing Light




Time Wizard of Tomorrow

Flame Swordsman



Nightmare Pheonix

Hilta the Fire Charmer, Ablaze



Lavalval Exlord x2

Lavalval Salamander

Laval The Greater

Lavalval Dragon

Laval Dual Slasher

Lavalval Dragun

Black Rose Dragon

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon

Laval Stennon

Stardust Spark Dragon




The main strat in this deck is to banish card which activates various effects to your advantage with Lavalval Exlord providing some defense and burn damage. Cauldron of the Old Men helps with inflicting that life points while recovering life points if needed. And for fun Dark Sanctuary flips a coin to negate each attack if luck on your side delivers the most satisfying kind of burn damage.

There is plenty of level 7 synchros and lower that are helpful in getting the best level 8 ones out to win. The OCG card Laval Archer help with that and a turner. Laval Cannon uses the same extra summon combo that special summons any Laval monster from your banish zone. Laval Burner can be brought out of the hand with 3 Lavals in your graveyard.

Classic Necroface (Gold Sarcophagus, Pot of Desires all banished back to hand) draw engine as milling (Conductor Field) the deck and then banishing them is your advantage. With there is two Laval Lancelords that are able to get those banish monsters to the hand.

All five trap cards are useful in defense with classic Power of the Guardian, Moon Mirror Shield, and Messenger of Peace for spells.



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