Gamer, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr35mins (2009) Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Gamer (2009)

Overall this was an adequate movie. The best parts were the actions scenes. The acting was also very good with a good cast. There were some gaps in the story which made you ask questions. However besides a minor annoyance it did not diminish the value of the movie. – AnonymousMC (Metacritic – 7/10)

With a budget of $50 million, this big production was 8 million dollars short in making a profit at the box office. Fast forward to 2021 and time has not shined well on it as it is significantly lower than what I have in mind to rate it out of ten. Gamer starts Gerald Butler and Michael C. Hall who are incredible actors giving it all they got but the screenplay writing is fair to be criticised as much as it is.

As the above review not mine suggests, the performance in the most intense parts is still implanted in my mind to this day. Similar to the plot of humans controlling other people, there is a lot of contexts here the real video game players will appreciate but not much else. You can invest in the life and death situations here as the intensity means so much more where the main teenager controller and inmate character gives you a lot to root for. Everyone else is way more chaotic/over the top in the futuristic dystopian world.

Dexter or Michael C. Hall does not become too illogical and plays a role that you have never seen him in before with a lot of charisma. Scenes of violence above average good with plenty of more room fairly rushed. Overall I am still satisfied with it after a few years of not seeing it. I recommend it for a decent sci-fi although elements there not realising their full potential.


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