An Open Letter To Edge Of Humanity Magazine

An open letter written by Lee Sonogan

Artist Exposé | Urban | Edge of Humanity Magazine

Howdy! I shall start this letter strong with a statement saying this might be my favourite website under WordPress online servers. A mixed bag of subjects with original/professional image. Perfect for any magazine and what I imagined if I made my own independent one with no conflicting affiliations. I should be liking more posts as it has inspired me more than once. Take this as a precursor because one of these days I want to submit my stuff I know you have liked before.

The Hermit Poet, No Middleman Art and everyone else contributing to such quality content, I desire to be a part of such forces of ambition. When I get arrogant or too cocky, the humbling art provided here really can expand even the most average person’s horizons. Makes me want to get a good megapixel camera and use my own original pictures attached to every written thing I publish. Due to the right keywords in google only go so far.

Overall I hope this answers some questions about me if you were curious about my thoughts and feeling that we shared. Your ambition to stands out from the rest is obvious to me to a point as a fan which keeps me from abandoning projects big or small. Finally, it is refreshing to see neutral but powerful information like this. That does not get carried away into extreme niches that insult their own audiences. Stay tuned as I will be contracting very soon to discuss a potential win/win collaboration.

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