Drawn Together, a tv show review

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

(2004-2007) Comedy, Animation, Satire

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This series is like south park without grace, it tries to be controversial without intentions behind, without criticism, it is only vulgar for being vulgar – diegonciopilato (IMDB – 7/10)

In the years of animated satire, Drawn Together might as well be lost to time. The off-colour humour, odd parody and reality show type of sitcom, will offend people of modern times who have never heard of it. Containing so bad that it is good vibes, it was cancelled after its third seasons. Imagine caricatures plus many stereotypes turned up to 110 percent.

Either breaking the fourth wall or that bizarre humour making it pretty unpredictable, there is plenty of over the top scenes which is ok to feel grossed out about. When identity politics were not a thing, this has all the cultural topics of today. Each character has no limits expressing their stolen expression and corrupting it into something completely different in comparison to the start. In the most brutal way possible!

Overall I don’t really recommend it as you don’t expect what will happen next, the payoffs are not as satisfying contra to the better adult animation out there. Plus the design is supposed to become weird so just one more piece of entertainment that has significant use. I enjoyed the references and well-timed jokes although only a few moments were memorable. Somewhat clever at times to also questioning why to continue?




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