An Open Letter To The Alchemist’s Studio

An open letter written by Lee Sonogan

Beautiful collection of raku pottery art

Hey thanks for supporting me more than once and I want to tell you how I appricate your work. As I get older the fine arts reveal more meaning other than sitting on a shelf. Greater then the sentamental or priceless attachment assocated with the creators. The design is an embodyment of alchemy and the philospher’s stone. My imagination spawned from the digital age I was born into, assocating the sprit of infinite wisdom into other stuff found on your website really makes you think.

Paintings, sculptures and busks are three things I am aware of to now understanding pottery thanks to you. Reading up on Raku ware that has a fascinating history, I bet the book you are selling could be even better to consume! While this open letter will silently help you, may I suggest considering making a mighty coffee mug like others that before used these to drink tea? If that is possible, the customized product would keep the myth and legend alive.

Overall keep up your businesss within these cultural times as this type of terra cotta in the real world are beacons of hope. Or as good as anything else; conductor memories. Feel free to contact me if there is some sort of collobaoration to be. You are most welcome around these parts due to seeing more than one thing between us. That crosses expected niches and preconsived boundaries.

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