Apex Legends, a video game review

A video game review written by Lee Sonogan

Prepare to Join the War Games

In my opinion Apex legends is the best battle royal game ever created. This game done everything perfectly except 1 thing, optimization in this game is pretty poor. I’m waiting for devs to repair this game and also add solo and duo mode. – shankS- (Metacritic – 8/10)

Playing a tiny bit of this on the PS4 when it first came out, I have a new appreciation towards it on my beast of a computer and monitor. Apex Legends free like a lot of battle royale video games out there now seems like all the same but this is not the case. Supporting cross-platform play and self exclaimed evolution of the genre, it reached over 100 million players in April this year. For the reason of course costing nothing but the quality in something fast-paced that runs pretty darn smooth.

I do have to mention the sounds are satisfying as well. And I will state in my opinion that it is equally as good as the Call of Duty: Warzone competitor. Even though I am still a noob, the experience so far makes me want to be better at it. Good design in a world with nearly infinite replay value if you wanted it.

Overall I have to recommend it as it is everywhere gaming is available. Only twenty minutes to get a potential victory as I have now under my belt. Still, not for everyone who does not like this sort of projectile warfare. Perfect for people looking for some unique shootouts amongst the high and tall landscapes.




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