An Open Letter To Power Plant Men

An open letter written by Lee Sonogan

You liked my post wanting to do this so here is my letter to these True Power Plant Stories. I check all my likes and these tales of real-life are fascinating to a point that has got me thinking. I do not wish anything from you but sit back and take some of my compliments well deserved. Assuming that you must be a bit older than me, this life told with great passion and vocabulary embodies the remark of killing them with kindness to so much more!

From mundane tasks expressed as gold or notes on wholesome conversations, you sir give me faith in people. Making the power plant industry/s fun completely takes away the stigma of global warming concerns my generation has to no end. Then you were some sort of data analyst at Dell as the years went on? Those specifics don’t matter because the core of your content reflects something real that most people do not at least publically have.

Some writers establish themself by pure experience where I am the polar opposite in imagination. While you praise others a lot, as an individual you contain both which is impressive. I am personally interested in reading more stuff from the history in your life. Even more than that, if you wrote a fiction or non-fiction book, you shall have my utmost attention.

I have many questions although I’m gonna wrap this up. Keep sharing you plus others, on the other hand, you are more than capable of experimenting in anything you put your hands on. We don’t have to be in the same vicinity to be internet friends, then again feel free to chat with me in the comments and I promise a reply. You have inspired me consciously and unconsciously to invest in my relative social circle’s creative juices.

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