Top 10 Plans For My Minecraft Server

A list written by Lee Sonogan

Using images from my own server, Minecraft is an open-world survival video game just too addicting. Transforming a sandbox by hand, each block by block and more reasons to put more time into. The following list not in any particular order shall look into such things that I can do as a solo plus more. Watching the short video below to see my base only getting started…

1. Finish Hollowing out my home base

As mentioned in the first paragraph, there is a video at the bottom of the page and that does not showcase absolute everything going on above and underground. Intending to put something in every nook and cranny, you can easily get lost in all the self-made tunnels all connecting to the main hub. At the surface might be halfway already done although the dungeon for secret loot is just one of many reasons to never stop building with the core materials.

2. Have pet animals of everything in the game

Mentioned previously that there is an update coming out soon adding in heaps of new features such as an Axelottle. There are so many other rare ones I need to persuade in coming back to my base of bases. Already having space and stuff they need, I need to also find the rest of the biomes where they can be found. Mainly for the Polar Bears and the Pandas.

3. Populate base with villagers

Not alone in finding stuff, there is NPC’s you can breed to trade all sorts with. At the very end of a mine track, there is a second base in my world with about twenty of them mostly at master level. Getting all the goods with them, it shall be a two-man job to send them to the base and new home of beds already dugout for them.

4. Beat ender dragon/City and pig brute Neither Fortresses

Using a Java version of the game with visual mods, The End looks like crap. Still, I need to beat these various bosses still as I died twice fighting the dragon… But knocked out all the towers so it can’t heal. Overall to become a veteran, I need to defeat the dragon for the second time ever and experience stuff I have not found this run or every other time over the years now.

5. Get my first ever trident

This one might seem simple but is a lower than 5 percent chance of getting one even if you have Looting III on a sword. Having to stick around the ocean to even have one spawn to fight with a Drowned enemy, I still don’t have one. But when I do it will be epic because I have all the enchantments that make it into a god weapon worthy of a compilation of use all by itself.

6. Test other mods in my world

More than visual modding on how it looks, there is plenty of other stuff to add to this world although will have to be loaded on a previous update. There is a Pokemon one that has my interest for this server and plenty more ones to start a series all by itself. Just more options I can make videos out of one day.

7. Create a flying pyramid above the base

Or something along those lines would be cool visually and a beacon to see from any direction. No one would dare to mess with something if they can’t even reach it. Only me when I get that item that allows you to glide and pretty much fly using fireworks. Maybe close to the battle stadium but not so far where it blocks off the view.

8. EVEN more builds

Listing of ideas off the top of my head is making the UNGROOVYGORDS logo in 3D. I have seen people make real-life images 2D in it that I could attempt in survival. Make a giant ship to add to the aesthetic. Since already laid down a mine track, maybe lyrics to a song for a video? So much more ideas could become established.

9. Master Redstone

Looking at some tutorials and owning an official book about it, I wanna know it all. Not so far to people making real-life computer in it but enough to fix my current automatic watermelon farm. More complex hidden doors and switches. Traps for my dungeon to be to become way more dangerous than it already is. Then there are XP engines you can connect to multiple different farms. Esscenly gain resources fast all-around one location and whatever other uses.

10. Overall do everything I can to make it a public server

In the free version of my own server, ten people max but I control everything. Testing the waters I can still make it available to access and then defend it with my life. Or maybe not if I hide all the good stuff in the right way.

I will not let this distract me from my writing work…

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