One Piece (Punk Hazard Arc), a tv show review

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

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It has alluded me that there were heaps of new episodes released done in an English dub for all to enjoy! Writing this over a year ago, I finally see the crew again who were formerly in a city under the sea that is known as Fish Men Island. Travelling the land, they find themself on an island known as Punk Hazzard. Their many new characters have been introduced plus deeply involved in the very long plot that never stops developing.

For a season in this show starting at episode 580, the pure creativity of this show just keeps getting better. Aside from the wholesome appeal, a story like this goes pretty dark. Hinting as themes of kidnapping, experimentation and real stakes within the conflict, there is more. Abductions include children, the main villain Ceaser is a gas monster with interesting powers and in his quest to be the world’s best scientist is interesting. But the constant sounds he makes in between does get on your nerves.

More context is these events take place on that island half snow and the other fire. After a lot of heaps of investigation, the slow drop of cutting to perspectives of all the main people is well-timed. Burning into the second part of the season all points of interest start concluding into one big treasure and gas weapon seeking into the giant infrastructure.

Honourable mentions include at one point each pirate falls into a Freaky Friday situation. Law coming out of this crazy stuff being the greatest threat later on maybe. Chopping a high up person in the government into piece amongst many other brutal fights. Overall I binged watch this epic in adventure and a tale inspirational in more ways than one.

There is so much more I can mention such as that soundtrack very fitting. It’s still so satisfying to invest in this world plus over 60 episodes to go for me. Then that makes me sad in how long until they replace the audio in the language I understand again. I recommend this and everything before because I am so keen to see how the Japanese only ones have to show being around 400 episodes ahead. With expected nearly double that until they decide to end the series once and for all.


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