50 Reasons Why I Am Taking Two Weeks Off

A list written by Lee Sonogan

2 Weeks Off!

Giving the people what they want daily, time for my yearly one out of two breaks to regroup and come back better than ever. From previous experience, this is always the case for my motivation to become realigned towards getting everything out there I want. Plus all doubt ceases in the good comeback with extra goodies here in there. Do not fret due to never having writer’s block, the following list shall make you want to stick around for the overt future!

  1. Prepare more 100/50 list ideas just like this
  2. Continue the trend of lots of poems, list a lot of solid concepts ideas
  3. Bring back WWE vs AEW for at least 3 more fictional months within year 2
  4. Produce more original written monologues and commit to one for a potential very short film
  5. Perfect timing to do more Writing From Scratch videos with music behind it
  6. Adapt more blog posts into automatic audio samples/podcasts
  7. Then commit to a potential series of videos using them also showcasing that audio – UNGROOVYGORDS PRODUCTIONS
  8. Use Spotify and others to have heaps of new music already in my back pocket
  9. Work on the first draft of mystery year goal book
  10. Complete Invading Lucha The Graphic Novel
  11. Actually, start sending those open letters to everyone who has supported me
  12. Longer articles for the near future
  13. Do more Fact or Fiction? to get my conspiracy theories on
  14. Explain more stuff to learn and another form of an article that is good either longer in at a minimum
  15. Find more interesting people for quotes lists here, Entertainment Quotes as well for the other
  16. Continue Semantic and Pragmatic Apparatus even though I am not writing about the science yet…
  17. More six-word story titles (Rhyming with the last number in the same title)
  18. Greater pitch ideas where one idea might not be rejected
  19. Obtain code of widespread neural networks and copy and paste it into the capabilities of the website
  20. Use this time to improve the older blog posts making them longer or basic proofreading checks
  21. Plan out one potential subscription model for my blog writing for one day to have in my back pocket
  22. Try mind.com, parler.com or some other fancy social media and see if stuff catches on
  23. Experiment on my existing social media pages based on analytics
  24. Comment more on social media using page accounts
  25. Fully organise current backup of all my writing to my fancy external hard drive
  26. Make shop on ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE better
  27. Gather all my stuff in real life I don’t need and sell it locally
  28. Sell existing books on other platforms
  29. Reinvent You Will Have Style When You Write One Million Words
  30. Just keep writing a starter’s guide for writing articles so the above book process slowly makes more sense
  31. Politically change There Is No Such Thing As A Utopia
  32. Start considering a large/ultimate book full of my best poems/haiku
  33. Go back to Power From Within Vol 2 at around 11 thousand words
  34. Edit over 60,000 words for a story called Vengence of a Brutal cry
  35. Prepare Infinity Plus One into its own one day book
  36. Finish adapting the finished script into its own novella
  37. Recording the infamous Rube monologue plus list other ones that I could do quickly if desired
  38. Consider rewriting 1984 in a low budget script in my own image
  39. Finish and grow some fan fiction ideas been left to the wayside
  40. Surely there is heaps of content out there already consumed to be listed and reviewed
  41. Start watching English Dubbed One Piece again (Over 50 episodes)
  42. Finish more Jordan Peterson Lectures
  43. Learn more by reading an Albert Einstein book
  44. Start a second different book or a various audio adaptation
  45. Always add more books plus paste reviews in instead of the 5-star rating system goodreads.com
  46. Plan more gaming videos with my new 3440×1440 screen
  47. Finish Red Dead Redemption 2 (Story 6%)
  48. Record my Minecraft world not shown before and what will be done
  49. Put pen to paper on my fresh notebook with a good hardcover now and beside me at every moment
  50. Pulling an all nigher that is due for more reasons than one

This list scares me in the sheer amount that one person needs to do. There is probably stuff missed but maybe not enough to reach 100 reasons??? I shall be back on the 28th and not a second later.



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