Outlander, a tv show review (Season 1 & 2)

A tv show review written by Lee Sonogan

Outlander' Season 2, Episode 10: On Your Way, Soldier - The New York Times

Taken by great surprise, I have been watching this series consistently for the last couple of weeks. Written by Diana Gabaldon originally in 1991, their stretch of books has now lasted nearly twenty years. Recently season seven being announced I am deadset in the middle of the fourth. Regardless, in twos I shall speak of the previous and season three and four later on.

Now to officially get reviewing, I summed up the basics of the story here > https://ungroovygords.com/2021/04/04/first-impressions-of-outlander-ep-12/. From the time travelling gimmick being a foundation, each hour episode develops into a historical epic. In the 17 hundred or 18th century that gets confusing some times, based in Scotland, it might be the best I have seen explaining the politics against the poms. Documented unifying Jacobites (AKA Clans) against the British, character performance is also a broad interest able to appeal to nearly anyone.

Clair and Jamie still the show with their romance really digging into the stakes of conflicts to unfold. More than a lot of actions in the highlands, the second season goes to France for a couple of episodes. Expanding even further into the social mind games needed to survive. Our stars are believable and a part of a lot of sex scenes if you enjoy that regarding context to everything else.

Other characters are very memorable for dialogue but of course, they are a part of the twists and turns fated for absolutely anything. BlackJack Randal makes for a perfect antagonist so brutal with this ancestor reflecting the current day Frank Randal. Some could say this is a slow burner although individual plots take in solid b stories that transform the importance of other underlying tones. The sound, production value and everything else in between is worthy of your time.

The concluding paragraph dictates even with a cast of actors you probably have not seen before, it is inspirational in more ways than one. Dramatic at its core and wholesome perfectly timed, credit deserves to go all around. Trying to predict what comes next, I am always wrong. Ending with the recombination the few cons of a couple of moments does not outway the realism in why it is the following out of ten.

Season 1 – 8/10 – Season 2 – 8.15/10



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