Actions Speak Louder Than Words #Poetry

A poem written by Lee Sonogan

Actions Speak Louder Than Words - Ethics Sage

“If your actions don’t live up to your words, you have nothing to say.” ― DaShanne Stokes

Doubt invoking parlance?
Visual storytelling less to be desired?
Let me stike up a tastey bargin,
Forms of turbulence are required.
Reality of empty gestures,
Some don’t even try enough.
Worried about slipping on textures,
Gruff not up to snuff.

Common knowledge pleasures,
Culture recursive nor de/connotations.
In no small measures,
A feat beyond typical temptations.
Handfast attachments,
Questioning why in the first place.
Puncture fewer fragments,
Done by our worn in poker face.

Talk is cheap,
Mutes don’t need to say who they are.
Behaviour in a bleep,
Times needing the proper or even the obscure.
Yet to pierce,
Still go under the blade.
Savour fire to cease,
Hard work plus there is nothing wrong with an entertaining masquerade.

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