Walk Of Shame #Monologue

A monologue written by Lee Sonogan

The Way to Game the Walk of Shame by Jenn Nguyen - 9781509818884 - Pan  Macmillan

Notes: The following speech of an estimated 2 minutes can be portrayed in a number of ways

Untitled Character (V.O)

Chivalry is dead! Easily as marked like some kind of harlot, my body language would most seem I have been fucked! Rendered powerless by with an odd sort of courteous peasantry, how do I continue to tread water in these current conditions? Left, right and centre the sellout roams and surely this shit happens in life is what they will say at first. Feet pounding the pavement, grapevines extend falsehood weeds. As the traffic sweeps over the collateral damage sprays over this mere pedestrian. My virtue at a crossroads takes solace in one day all that was put in shall return.

More of a poignant expendable product eventually consumed quick, even before home than human, accounts are tic for tac. Weary eyed still numbed far and wide; there is always expectation lingering where it cannot be intially found. Command upon three must feet inside the same shoe. Is there a walk of shame reflecting on the same circumstance? My god — that is the only thing to keep me against the considered odds. For what else will this emotion take a lead?

Endless beggings of filling the soul without trading objective ill wills would be nice. Pundency such as haystacks covering the correct thread and needle. Divided skeletons in the cupboard is a metaphor accepted but not left behind. Stroll down memory lane go arm and arm. To saunter along once more would be grand. Escort unhinging the following carriage now speaks to me. Gotta have faith lost slipper’s magic harden to sprout some useful metaphysical balls.



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