Journal Entry 93# Words Don’t Speak For Themself

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Like it or not, words that speak for themself is simply untrue… Humbling myself to relise this, I can’t believe I was so arrogant to believe in it but now understand that was an easy way to look at it. People speak for themself and it is ignorant to think your stuff shall blow people’s mind when they have not had your experience. So I propose any writing you have done is not as objective as you think because your truth is much different than everyone else’s.

Keeping your stuff themed does raise over the subjective nature of everything but only slightly. Then the question is the overall quality of whatever you create how you put metrics into a body of work. Simply using a hierarchy is surface level when there are infinite principles out there. This is what fascinates me in improving my ability to adapt to where I need to go next.

There is so much more into that but will give away spoilers to my book in progress, on the other hand, I have givens hints already hiding in plain sight. I understand everything I compile together contra to the multiple meanings it could represent. I urge you to give more than just a like to people, behind your interpretation is the greatness all artists desperately are looking for.

Overall there is a reason why you fail inside this challenge of building a positive future pulling up your own bootstraps. Fate is always an answer that dictates a greater power without the individual. It needs the collective as much as best-laid solo plans going ashtray inside a village raising a child. Formulas for balances large and small are as valuable as the words and combined.

PS – This could also be Starter’s Guide To Writing

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