Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 31)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

He sits on a throne frustrated,

Crown held by a single hand.

The people worshipped him because fated,

Our immortal was the new king of the land.

Familiar memories haunted him,

First city of Jericho taught him well.

Away from water learnt to adequately swim,

Others made it easy to quell.

They submitted sovereignty,

Unnecessary labels become the norm.

Liege lord now air wrapped tightly,

At least unity is there is how I showed them to farm.

‘Divine majesty!’

‘Emperor’ ‘Ruler’.

Waving upon a balcony,

Most started a god rumour.

Foolish subjects believing in the impossible,

My secrets are in every peasant.

Documenting our advancement chronicle,

Do I need to make a fair lady pregnant?


‘We need you to continue spreading the seed’

‘Our highest-ranking friar’,

‘Demands it flocking the modern creed!’

Relax mere servant,

You know time is no issue for me.

Direct funds for the intelligent merchant,

Those elsewhere first must understand over the sea.

Who could argue against the immortal?

Inside the walls, all were ambitious and free.

Master of all the delicate herbal,

For the most part, everyone was to agree.

Get it done,

Focus sooner or later shall make me flee.

In his head, this realisation spun,

Enough of those who have nothing else within my designed a,b, and c.

Beating winter that always came,

Teaching network services strong.

Our castle is anyone’s claim,

To himself opposing a contradictory folk song.

‘From the coldest ice,’

‘Worthy leader finds a designated heir.’

‘Sterile leader gave the caveman a slice,’

‘What replied was a one of a kind rare.’

‘Poor as a baby,’

‘Complete language under a year.’

‘Previously in charge was considered crazy,’

‘Present now talks about both names and cheer!’

‘Armed with what he made called a sword,’

‘Enemy clans feared the bigwigs reach.’

‘Dear friends in accord,’

‘Old age finally was to breach.’

‘Term monarch is there,’

‘There must be a head of state.’

‘On a wing and a prayer,’

‘Fresh power gave us a clean slate.’

Early civilization is the least of his concerns,

More former wisdom remembered complex metal.

Where he dug into soil with no worms,

That red planet vision deemed to wrestle.

Yes, then the darkness,

Tiny see-through wall.

Moving room that I was able to harness,

How much more cursing and miracle information am I to recall?

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