Elon Musk Land #Monologue

A monologue written by Lee Sonogan

Here's What Elon Musk Revealed in His Mars Colonization Keynote Talk

Notes: The following speech of an estimated 2-3 minutes can be portrayed in a number of ways in a sci-fi for atleast now

Untitled Character (V.O)

One great meme once said ‘I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. This somewhat cynical statement by the animated Professor Farnsworths was what I felt before all this was possible. The purpose of this transmission once and for all will explain why the attachment to so-called mother Earth is one gender. In the over 1 trillion dollars terraforming power of modern-day Mars. If men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. What does that make the original planet of our species?

Every promise by 2050 has become true beyond the impressive rockets you have surely seen. Being here since 2030, I am more experienced than most on this particular subject. Tearing down the domes was a beautiful sight when the nuclear warheads tore down the ice-capped poles. Not expecting to reach this in my lifetime, the sheer landscape colour is drastically becoming familiar to the days of old back where you are from. But that is not the best part because society has become a utopia with no downside.

Many years ago now I got accepted because of my study in astronomy. The mathematical theory that SpaceX decided in investing in and now I help navigate travel between the Milky Way. Providing so many other opportunities in the multiple colonies now! The simplest way in advancement is that education treats children as adults, and adults as necessary assets in every possible area you could think of. The nucleus of these cities or incubators if you will is the universities of absolute truth containing no doubt.

With that, the culture is significantly different due to the ultimate collaboration every ambitious person here desires. You have never seen so many people truly united behind one cause. More than some sort of new national respect, a force of love where I have never seen doubt, jealousy or hate. This is pure peace since it was established and it remains. One man’s vision is enough to make sense of all of this. I won’t suggest coming here because if someone is willing… Just follow in the footsteps of Elon Musk!

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