Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 30)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Flash in a pan,

Too green for you to really understand?

I play the role of the con man,

Everything I say is part of what is planned.

Forcing the black pill,

Normally half the equation.

Tyranny of words spill,

Speaking for itself is a matter of persuasion.

Our boyo marked by the devil,

Flutters of kin are irrelevant.

Glass made of cheval,

Settings of a parapet.

Back to the loneliness,

Nuclear winter is nie.

Nethadals reek of their own ugliness,

Soon people and beasts alike shall die.

Fever dreams made no sense,

Images of space are imagined.

He thought illusions in the past tense,

At all costs, he must not continue to fathom.

Fending for scraps,

The outlander was known by others.

Without language, he wondered, perhaps,

Savages ran deep in these current cultures.

Growing food failed,

Frostbite killed a lot that was tender.

Memory served in farming paled,

Implementing use will not become rendered.

Depression sets in,

Hunger forgotten skips time.

Brown to blue skin,

Absolute nothing is a victimless crime.

Wrapped in a cacoon,

Dark walls become infinite.

We both know this is for a boon,

Later notions shall be more right and intimate.

Who caused the last ice age for now?

My gullet dictates under the same cloth.

Pleistocene snow on the prow,

Woolly mammoths walk near the moving froth.

Expecting the immortal to sink?

Nah, new era mountains rise.

With my little hoodwink,

Artful cold death guise.

One of many extinction events,

Goodbye Dodo plus the sabre tooth.

Your third party narrator presents,

Millions of years passing in boring sleuth.

Guess what happens next!

Upon the new world.

At the physical and mental vertex,

Part 4 “Wisdom is your goal” gnarled.

His hand feels different from everything else,

Soil is consumed down his mouth.

Now aware of the amnesia pulse.

Drying east by south.

Visuals connected still blurry,

Instinct swears the language was his.

Remembering that spaceship contrary,

Ready for a pop quiz.

Train of thought wild,

Global cooling changed outside.

Far from something mild,

Something pulled him out of his bide.

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