First Impressions Of Outlander (Ep 1&2)

An article written by Lee Sonogan

At first, this show might seem like something I would not watch but how I was wrong. Outlander is so simple although, intense from these two initial episodes, I’m compelled to write about it. The story details are a nurse sent back to the 18th century when England (Red Coats) hailed over Scotland. There she is not trusted as some sorted spy plus future knowledge.

Crossing over genres such as fantasy is realistic, the romance between Clair and young Jamie has chemistry expecting to develop further. Then the dramatic and historic elements in a time period piece contain it all together with excellent cinematography. Inner monologues are also well written as she attempts to survive in a world only known to her through the art of her normal time.

The pilot starts right after a world war and one of our protagonist returning to her husband. Picking up new passions as tomb raiders and botany, the magic happens after viewing the dancing of witches. Waking up to a battlefield, she finds the image of Frank; referenced before it was a deadly ancestor instead. Escaping rape or worse, the Scotsman save her day.

This is where the second episode comes in at their castle. There plenty more context that comes rolling in as she becomes known as a spy just like her husband in the future. Expecting to leave and try to return to the scene of the crime that teleported her. I am up to her being a guest of a prisoner as Mackenzie’s healer.

Overall much more satisfying this what it seems that makes you want to continue. Originally based on a long-running book series, depth already is impressive. Around an hour for each one, this is potentially my next binge watch of multiple seasons. Already recommending it, stay tuned for a full review one day to receive my rating out of ten in comparison to IMDB’s 8.4/10 at this particular moment.

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