Dual Jeopardy #Haiku #Poetry

A haiku written by Lee Sonogan

A Recent Decision in France Applies “International Double Jeopardy”  Principles to U.S. DPAs - FCPA Professor

Under the dual sovereignty principle, the Fifth Amendment’s prohibition on double jeopardy – which prevents the government from trying someone twice for the same crime – doesn’t apply if the second trial is by a different ‘sovereign’ – in this case, the state. – Asha Rangappa

Duplex pair of hands,

Slip on a banana skin.

Mutton dressed as lambs!

The 5th Amendment guarantees that defendants can’t face ‘double jeopardy,’ which means the government can’t prosecute a person a second time for the same crime if the jury returns a verdict. Only if the jury doesn’t reach a decision can prosecutors elect to retry the case. – Robert Shapiro



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