League Of Legends, a video game review

A video game review written by Lee Sonogan

(2009) Multiplayer

League of Legends update sees major matchmaking improvements

It’s a very good game, the community is toxic and there are some balance issues, but the game itself is very addictive and I’m having a great time playing for fun. – Kostas101 (Metacritic – 8/10)

Been around for a long time, millions of people play this for the free game every year for a good reason. Team-based combat is highly competitive. And one of the major tournaments at Esports (Million dollar prizes) from around the world. Also a bird-eye view strategy with many of their unique heroes. The long-life span has spawned its own digital card game and an MMO coming soon.

Ideally, there are two sides of the map and you take out towers towards players home bases. Inbetween the paths consistently running AI into the frontlines, choices are interesting but also repetitive. I gotta say this is not for everyone to must become played with various friends and combo various special moves. And then upgrades after accruing experience points for further customization.

So this is not a solo experience I would eventually recommend as it is stressful even with a good team. Keep in mind its original innovation in this particular genre. Production values and cult following purists your most likely going to come across. An RPG and tower defence combined worthy of the review above the first paragraph and my rating down below.

Played this for a decade I am in fact bias with this one folks. I can admit though, that the game absolutely has its discrepancies… Like patch notes constantly changing champs. That part is trash. stop changing champ kits so frequently. sick of having to relearn champs. – Red_Spectre (Metacritic – 10/10)




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