Batman/Superman: Cross World (Vol 1), a graphic novel review

A graphic novel written by Lee Sonogan


Very nice! The artwork is gorgeous, but that’s what we expect from Jae Lee after all. The story is intriguing: Batman and Superman meet as teenagers, then get sucked into a parallel world to encounter adult versions of themselves. Not real crazy about the ending, but this IS volume 1, so … There’s also a short story of the New Gods to round out the volume. Not bad. Looking forward to volume 2. – Stewart Tame (4/5 –

A part of The New 52! shows the meeting of the two infamous characters for the first time. Giving greater context to the first Justice League in that series, leading to Justice League: Trinity War. Setting an origin mood, naturally, they do not like each other at first. Then spoilers as the plot develop in a bunch of vague excuses for alternatives to continue clashing with each other.

Wonder Woman and Darkseid are introduced but out of nowhere and very non-relevant. Consuming out of order, this one shows a demon called Kaiyo plus versions of themself, other than that there was no particular story in it. I am usually in for multidimensional stuff although this individual line might be the worst from DC Comics I’ve seen. Most comics have their own style, on the other hand, more of the modern stuff recycles and oversaturates stuff you can predict fairly easy.

Struggling to have fun, there are so many others I would recommend from my bookshelf alone. Not worthy of being remembered because it was dull at best. Overall it comes more across as fan fiction than an original writer releases their heart and soul into what was deserved. Very critical, the drawings are very solid towards practical/logical praise.


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