Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 29)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

That story was a cliff hanger,

Let’s go back but not too far.

Still under a bounty traded by a hunter,

Wearing a crossbow, gaining distance one layer above tar.

Cactus evolved differently in this marsh,

Because that was only it.

Like how I transitioned from a future plot that was harsh,

Honestly, I Don’t give a shit.

Reputation was the aggressor,

Always took in his criminals alive.

Matching wills like the aesir,

Close challenges go into power drive.

Wetlands and primitive streams,

Abstraction of dreams,

Contours had recently shrunk and morphed.

Geysers shoot into the sky previously submerged.

Fens in one era,

This moment was a landscaped paradigm.

The energy that spawned the concept of a chimaera,

He was reminded of the environment back when dinosaurs were prime. 

Doubting all other thoughts,

Each slade pass fell away.

Canyons tied in knots,

Above and below was the bog splay.

He gotta have trouble too,

Soiling his pantaloons as well.

One man, not a crew,

Pushing his own definition of hell.

Assumptions were true,

Greed was not a particular goal.

Climbing the moss gorge askew,

Not from a mentality based on a mythological troll.

Transformation without earthquakes,

So sudden with any delay.

Giant worms as long as snakes.

Studying them was not for today.

Debris rolls down a wall,

Ceiling a tiny opening producing a single eye.

Dust smokescreens within the spall,

Running away, avoiding further awry.

Flooded ankle-high,

Speed got over the next dirt barrier.

Sections in from of him amplify,

Ground splits apart even faster.

Heat combines into the mix,

Then the familiar red core bursts out.

Still far from the deep six,

Fire endearing the current spout.

Centre of a storm,

Footstep is heard to his flank.

Instictics reform,

Now corned if I’m being frank.

Let me tell you what you’re looking for,

Appearance is not always deceiving.

More than your history and lore,

How you must be grieving!

Tone strikes the heart,

Our immoral moves revolver drawing position to aside.

I thought you’d be an old fart,

Or at least died..

You are my father,

It does not matter how or why.

Literally faces resembling family order,

Time travelling butterfly?

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