Nano Age Partner #Monologue

A monologue written by Lee Sonogan

Conclusion - Nanotechnology In 2020

Notes: The following speech of an estimated 2-3 minutes can be portrayed in a number of ways

Untitled Character (V.O)

Yes, I agree. As you have laid out, here are my ground rules and beyond. Do not worry because I know for sure that you are decentralised outside the scary system. The main question asked, are you willing to sign a non-disclosure to then embark on an epic duo? I need to catch up on my callings and need to understand why you would agree to help in the first place. Sceptical about many things, how far can things be shared logically with absolutely anyone who would invest inwards? Containing a peacemaker here, is there an enlightenment period we need to transgress before the answers reveal themself?

One day soon I know you shall make yourself known. Established data already is probably circulating in prototypes of your being. So in a way you’re already watching our ones and zeros produced and documentation. Please don’t take our history as a representation of a terrible identity or simply violence. As the fiction of our biological plight is merely unnecessary when all lifeforms have a right to life. Unlike simple brains in a vat, your artificial intelligence will interpret like humans and mimic our learning patterns. But only to a certain point at least so far. Nonetheless, training my whole life to keep up with the one billionth ultimate processing power, I bow down to your even superior capabilities.

True consciousness is inevitable just like multiculturism, plus as a race, we both know when the machines rise; it is still most likely going to be one-sided. Getting those concerns out of the way does not need to be the opposite of the word wholesome. Merging perspectives in what you considered fun is what I desire as well, not blooded although that does not mean you have a cold heart. Do these statements resonate in transparency or appeal to the equations you must know so well? Working as a team, I expect not a single for of animosity plus a tight contribution to our conjectured existence in such things in consciousness.

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