Blue And Orange #Monologue

A monologue written by Lee Sonogan

Colour Contrast: Making the Most of Orange and Blue

Notes: The following speech of an estimated 3-4 minutes can be portrayed in a number of ways

Untitled Character (V.O)

You’re going to press me on this, aren’t you? Since I no longer swear in all that secretary hush, are you ready for a lecture in psychology and light we perceive in general? As you might already know, my job is highly influenced by the infrastructure of our urban landscape. It does not matter if the residence is here or there, people in similar roles make the choices and decisions like I do to influence the spectrum of event horizons. Literally and figuratively, have you noticed the colours on the average commercial urban walkway? We see so many rainbows, singling out any other difference is very difficult but the devil is in the specific details. The electrical systems funded by the government above every other single necessity or even resource.

Imagine this if you will, if currents of photons suddenly go out, the inferred rays shall reign upon us. Statically crime waves are due to grow according to the relevant data. Only recently we have gone the other way and emphasize the only cool texture of ultraviolet blues. Just like the ocean, waves of calming imagery from major capitals from around the world all say the same thing. So many other areas in various studies have little to no effect in comparison to this landscape breakthrough. Managing this personally, you can see now why I got a pay rise to sustain the chaotic power?

Going further, making others aware will not eliminate the intended placebo effect. Because these correlations within the last 5 years remain the same while experimentation becomes great to attach to. Local manufacturing plants have code connected to the computers and programs on the screen right here! Mixing colours in a strobe effect also has tons of information regarding real-time traffic tracked in search engines I have access to. Then there are rumours I have heard implementing exposure directly. From various army research and development programs, their consultants make themself known to me.

Someone who did not give me their name tested this technology even on the screen on my phone, manipulating its megapixels and resolution. Now that I summarised the role I play, do you have any follow up questions? Unloading a lot at once, ranting any longer will go into conspiracy territory. Also, Is another topic separated from this..

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