Pokémon Battle Revolution, a video game review

A video game review writtten by Lee Sonogan

Pokemon Battle Revolution — DarkStation

Nice design and animation. The moves actually make contact and have excellent effects. People say the main thing wrong with the game is the need to have a DS to actually do something, otherwise you’ll use the same Pokemon and lose, and I agree, but, only Pokemon fans for the most part play this, and most Pokemon fans have a DS and Pokemon Collapsekylesar (Metacritic (8/10)

Nearly forgetting this particular video game, I spend a lot of hours playing this one! Back in high school, I made a YouTube channel and made a lot of battles out of this underrated Nintendo Wii game. Almost looking as good as the current franchise but not in high definition. The competitive gameplay makes turn-based contests very satisfying to my memory. Even that is my intro thoughts, it got a mixed reaction upon its release.

Unlike the classic choices of Pokemon Stadium, it focused on interacting with the handheld Nintendo DS system. So it was very limiting if you did not also have a copy of the 4th generational games. Still, I brought a thing off eBay at a time and it automatically made any team you want, including extra max stats infamous for how you train them over time. There themes from type to strategy took place and wish I decided to keep them in one way or another…

It is a crime that the Nintendo Switch has not remade this or made a unique adaptation. Nonetheless, I find this underrated for my own personal bias. And that initial sentence including UpUpDownDown’s recent tournament that is relevant. Overall I recommend playing it on an emulator where you can customise your team I saw in a video from research.




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