Deadpool: Secret Invasion (Vol 1), a graphic novel review

A graphic novel review written by Lee Sonogan

Deadpool Vol. 1: Secret Invasion (DM Only) (Trade Paperback) | Comic Issues  | Comic Books | Marvel

Daniel Way is THE BEST Deadpool writer, as far as I’m concerned anyway! Hell, he’s a great writer full stop, I’m kinda shocked he barely works these days – his last gig was 2013’s Thunderbolts! I’ve yet to read a Daniel Way Deadpool comic that’s not any good and his first book at the start of his 2008 run, Secret Invasion, is one of the best Deadpool books I’ve ever read. – Sam Quixote (Goodreads 5/5

Much different than Deadpool kills the Universe, one man interacts with the enemy Skrulls. In one of his original solo series, he also likes many others whatever the hell he wants in messing with people. Emphasis on being completely insane, this stuff is equally as good as him on the silver screen. Going on literal tears, the brutal and wacky adventures, the content is perfect for any type of graphic novel format.

The A story is pure madness in what you can expect while more importantly unpredictability going in a lot of directions. Where the following plot involves a zombie and themes of being broke plus board. Both go fairly fast but if it was any longer you might not appreciate it as much. Regardless, I have the next volume (Dark Reign) as well to deserve a bump in a cool series.

Charismatic expressed plenty, heaps of other details are hidden behind the delightful artwork. Reading this a couple of years ago now, flicking through pages for a couple of minutes instantly brought it all back. If anything there is re-consume value with the character worthy of mentioning. Overall recommend it to all fans and even those new to looking at words regularly.


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