Calhoun’s Experiment #Monologue

A monologue written by Lee Sonogan

Does Calhoun's Shocking Experiment Reveal the Condition of Our Society?

I shall largely speak of mice, but my thoughts are on man – John Calhoun

Notes: The following speech of an estimated 2-3 minutes can be delivered in a fictional public announcement.

Untitled Character (V.O)

Attention! Warning, this is no ordinary public release on our daily news. DEFCON 1 has been put on its most serious alert from America because of one reason only. And the definition is correlating in the madness of repeating studied history. We have been pondering the state of the status quo in the digital age for a long time now and the data shows some progress but what fails is more important. Figures dictated from the previous establishments and institutions were lies compared to the polarization pushing us backwards. Current social cannibalism churning backwards is a serious topic relating to the mouse utopia experiment where our incentives are truly challenged. Animal testing for years pondered our fate although humans build, that real rat race came bad results because it takes a village to raise a mind.

The term ‘behavioural sink’ is the greatest crime we must investigate greater than metaphysical observation. I urge you to research John Calhoun’s body of work to prepare for this threat your unlikely willing to consider. Of course, this simulation if flawed, on the other hand, numbers you can trust point to corruption. So compromising with this influence is something hard to accept but thought-provoking sustainability needed in moving forward. Thinking about food all the time is so far from an answer, it maybe is the main problem. What motivation going beyond will separate us from the animals when changes come to a resource-based economy? Then the transitions beyond overcoming necessities and having no excuss in being bored to justify acts of conflict and self-segregation.

In the following weeks and months, we cite this expanded on in the various peer-reviewed journals. To conclude decentralisation of current dense policies and universal civilization principles. Given more intellectual tasks integrated into the open-source voting system, the rodents, humanoid or not will have not died in vain. What other evidence is needed to a pure call for unity? Let’s prove peace is possible by learning from these mistakes. This is my plea because I know we can do better with there is always exceptions lead to another. Having no fear can cause psychosis as much as the emotion itself.

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