Journal Entry 90# A Rant Against Cardi B

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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How can someone the same age as yours truly and the polar opposite of me be such a terrible personality? The more you research into a celebrity, there is more reason to know worshipping them is a waste of time in a lot of cases. Fresh of reading her lyrics, it’s all about staying relevant in saying what we don’t say to trigger people; in the worst way possible. This type of behaviour is what made me dislike rap music highly when so many others not being seen talking about way more important stuff.

In the land of acronyms, guess what her contribution to society is when you hear the three-letter syllables of WAP? Pop/rap genre vagueness in Wet as Pussy. How is this talk of genitals going to raise the bar plus be a term of endearment? Just another catchphrase that sounds good because everybody knows this idiom although the meaningless trope or cliche with the over-sexualized dancing is the same thing. Packaging all these performance arts is more status quo crap forced down our throats.

If I’m lucky, her name will not be produced again here in the denotation of such a negative tone. Listen to her beats if you desire, everything else embodies everything wrong with the subjective nature being lame inside the norm. Plenty of other women deserve the limelight over her beyond this over-saturated vanity without clear standards. Overall, one more again of the culture wars missing opportunity to inspire beyond what you or I say on average.

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