Journal Entry 89# Podcast?

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan


Whatever you may write, it may not be enough to get your content out there. Disenfranchised with social media promotion? Well, do what I have double-downed on committing too > – . Crossing over to audio and even video, a podcast does not need to be an interview. Perfectly niching it down to yourself using the automatic program Anchor associated with WordPress which contains a text to speech program I am satisfied with so far.

Easy to learn, it has more sophisticated features to trim out or in any existing sound/recording right there with a mic. My plan is to turn this downloadable soundwave to make longer podcasts on YouTube later. Then I can at least extent the intros and outros with something chill and/or relevant. For more context, look at the previous journal entry that establishes goals plus the future of this body of work.

One exclusive is using Spotify music into these individual files if you have an account (30 seconds for free, whole for premium). That will make you ponder the copyright claims but the incentive is ad space will arise according to various guidelines. Keen to create stuff in the design to be read by something else, I have named this venture ‘Groovygords’, not Ungroovygords.

Still a noob to a certain degree, this feels like the right direction to go in comparison to choice in multiple platforms to build on. Really testing the reliability to its limits here regardless, producing something beyond average becomes infinite. Time shall tell if I recommend every person to turn their blog into more although in theory embodies all three main mass media towards one thing. Today is the digital age adapting to what reaching epoch is next.

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