Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 27)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Laughing emotes the widespread theatre,

Reflections on social misinformation.

Smile and frown masks of a facade conspirator,

No longer under the immortal’s sedation.

Working a double life,

Those magic tricks were absolutely real.

The patron volunteered his wife,

Jokes were higher in the appeal.

Defending became satire,

Body language did not quite things down.

Chants reigning down in a choir,

Making the speaker wanting to skip town.

That Wife’s partner blinded by each circular interval,

Common to the judgement of the jester.

Many pointing fingerstall,

He has enough, beginning a monologue from wisdom to an ancestor.

Quiet swine!

How dare mistake me as a fool!

Where is our guest number nine?

Is she now a ghoul?

This is a long time coming,

See what you’ll…

Muddy water plumbing,

Will this attitude fulfil?

She shall return,

I am not an illusionist.

Our deal is attorn,

Yee respects what is jubilant.

It took me longer than expected,

Fifteen years to be precise.

What happened is not reflected,

You’re all in a maze-like mice.

Armpit of the cosmos,

Only experience sees the multiverse.

Relise what we compose,

No scriptures from a bible verse,

Today we make one history line,

Process has already begun.

Humans will become divine,

Greater peace when all things are said and done.


Hahahahahahah ha.

Na ha,

You should Look at the map through a straw.

Catch anything you throw at me,

Dare you to rush the stage.

Project lack of faith upon thee,

All I want is to be on the same page.

Female test subject is alive and well,

Here is my proof.

Careful what you buy to then sell,

Look at the technology on the roof.

Slowly printing back to original form,

Look! Humanoid shape.

Seek the object warm,

Visible without a scrape.

End of communication,

Fatalists in the room leave masks on their lap.

Lady stunned from the operation,

Falls backwards in a seizure, arms flap.

The main character is surrounded,

People’s sorry excuss for doctors treat.

Viewers investigating to understand what was founded.

Antagonist witch observes from across the street

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