Year 1 – Fantasy Booking (WWE vs AEW) – List

A list created by Lee Sonogan

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All I wanted to is build things with enough variety… Finishing this series, the flowing list comes to its climax for at least now. Always open to supply and demand, for now, there is room for a new sequence of content within a fantasy booking niche? Off the top of my head, there is a creative Yu-Gi-Oh! sports creative thing there or even just make up a perfect satire of politics base on the culture wars. Regardless, the following professional wrestling imagination serious and not serious for sake of fun, if a fan of the industry; here it is all in its entirety!

Not owning the rights to sell this fiction, I can still offer it for free anywhere I want. Adding the disclaimer appealing to the public domain type of stuff. Overall there were more fueds to end once and for all if I did three or four more months in a year 2? Just glad I had a wholesome time making my own GM mode based on the video below.

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