Journal Entry 88# Over 2000 Posts!!!

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

88 lights for 88 faces - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The number of double infinity for this Journal Entry and the implications of reaching four digits (Which was a day or two ago). Knowing this was coming, it has made me considered a new way to tackle this new decade and any four-dimensional states after it. For now, know based on my fresh Pragmatic and Semantic Apparatus series, the practical theories to come need to become ever more balanced. Many urges say put this blog on the back burner and prioritise authentic focus in books and videos. But this incubator is a necessity in the pre-real stuff very slowly growing in value.

Regarding the moving picture, like anyone it is not sustainable to do it absolutely daily, on the other hand, just like my websites, they can become fused into more fair content. For example, ENTERTAINMENT CULTURE ONLINE that I do not contribute to all the time needs some changes too. For the sake of these conflicting platforms, I have more than enough material to use. My gaming and production capabilities/footage to apply it to my documentation of 1000’s of information already under my belt.

I will make a statement for this year, INVADING LUCHA: The Graphic Novel and at least one other book will become released this year. Two drafts I have for bigger projects shall have to become neglected which were There Is No Such Thing As A Utopia and You Will Have Style When You Write One Million Words. Even though these prepositions has lead me to this untitled book idea.. I am still working on perfection, they go over those genre writings into something even more. (Better than anything I have ever created put together)

I do not want to give away the blueprints coming together in what I have planned which is also ideal for any whos interested in what I build. My drawing board of digital documents, pen/paper and all the sources everyone else draws from.. That has many scopes, plenty of transitions between range and overall the tone is very geopolitical. The future dictates that I never stop, on the other hand, with each step made at a time, fate and the present of my love will align.

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