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The Real-Life Diet of Reggie Watts, Who Is Very Funny and Very Ripped | GQ

Yesterday sharing two videos, now words from this multi-talented artist that can really speak to you. Coming to a realisation that in anything outside our control is something important in considering, the culture wars good or bad always return to peaceful patterns. Going deep into the reflections and comparisons of life, enjoy these following quotes knowing… Perfection is illusion/propaganda, reflections are merely comparisons difficult to lock onto position, and balances of modern times are way far off to the positive future everyone wants.

  • Technology is a wonderful tool, but also if used incorrectly a horrible tool. We’re fascinated by all aspects of it, whatever makes our human lives easier on the planet, but eventually there will have to be some sort of merger. The fascination isn’t going to die down. – Reggie Watts
  • I consider myself something of a self-taught anthropologist. I try not to talk about something unless it’s something I love. But if it’s something that really annoys me, I fixate on it, learn something about it and then, when I’m onstage, it comes out. – Reggie Watts
  • For most of my life I’ve liked to pretend I live in a starship. Punching in fake codes to get into doorways that obviously are not secure. I love that idea of living on a spaceship. Because essentially we are: a gigantic thing floating in some infinite darkness that’s running on principles that we don’t even understand. – Reggie Watts
  • In theater, they say a theater piece is only as good as its transitions. – Reggie Watts
  • I mean, the type of art that I enjoy is art that – I enjoy a very broad spectrum, but I especially like art that leaves me a little confused and uncertain as to what just happened. – Reggie Watts
  • Essentially a joke is creating an idea, whether sonic or visual, whether it’s something musical or a traditional joke. – Reggie Watts
  • Music is very similar to comedy: It’s all about texture, timing, context, vocabulary, performance. When someone’s onstage doing a solo, essentially it’s the same thing as what a comedian does. They’re in the moment. They’re listening. – Reggie Watts
  • I compare a lot of life to looking at a map through a straw. The less ability you have to see life in a humorous way, the smaller the straw is that you’re looking at the map of life. You’re not looking at the whole picture. You can’t see the whole topography without it, and it can help you to make better choices. – Reggie Watts
  • What I’m doing is not really based on a definite identification or a definition of what it is. It’s intended to be open to interpretation. – Reggie Watts
  • I try not to eat right before I perform. It’s better to perform on an empty stomach – it just feels better. You just feel like a leaner machine. You’re not worrying about digesting things. – Reggie Watts
  • If you have something you do that’s unique, you just end up in situations. Your art can take you to places without you working too hard to force something to happen. – Reggie Watts
  • Sometimes airport security people recognize me. I’ll go through the whole screening process and at the end they’ll go, ‘Hey, man, I really like your work.’ That’s so cool. – Reggie Watts
  • As a child I was very into gadgets and machines and robots. The idea of experimenting with machines to create art was always something I tinkered with. – Reggie Watts
  • My thing is, I like to do things as long as they’re relatively fluid or easy. Not to say that there isn’t any effort involved in making something happen, but I don’t like to push things or force things too much. – Reggie Watts
  • I don’t think immortality is necessarily the key to understanding the world. You have to be careful with what you think you’re achieving. I’m all for science discovering amazing and fantastic things about our world, but I think the motivations behind it are slightly askew. – Reggie Watts

A set of fatalist beliefs is important in the engine of nature although how we nurture it modulates the status quo. Knowing this helps with the desire to write comedy because this philosophy is ironic and the right food for thought keeping out emotions and language under any logical control. I’m inspired by this guy and the directions of equilibriums integrate such circular processes. Reflections are common knowledge, the ray tracing of our simulations veil upon the light pushing us under our feet.

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