Lupus linked to silica dust exposure in Australia-first workplace compensation claim –

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WorkSafe insurers have accepted a compensation claim for an employee who was diagnosed with lupus after being exposed to toxic silica dust, in what lawyers believe could be an Australia-first decision.

Asbestos and silicate minerals is never a reoccurring topic in the mainstream… For plenty of good reasons because it is controversial for particular industries. This naturally produced rock contains 90 percent of the Earth’s crust and when you look back in history. There is plenty of patterns of people becoming sick because of it. From the beginning of time to now, studies correlate on average over 200,000 deaths a year and over a million forms of illnesses. From the lack of real training or seriousness in placing people in these kinds of workplaces.

Did you know the FDA in America only just started to look into the connections? Of these poisons and non-nurtured us in simple products you take for granted. When I was young I heard about people forced to take this substance out of their homes. And businesses at a slow pace but I still bet what came from below remains between peoples walls. At this point taking a conspiracy theory point, were the World Trade centres filled with these chemicals enough where something had to become done about it?

Regardless, cultures that avoid this issue are masterminds of self profits within the status quo. And there is faith in the world like this story of an individual overcoming the odds privately and bringing light to the widespread issues in modern times. Radiation in our chemistry physically and mentally needs to become better. Groups using people as commodities but learning lessons in transparency. And taking responsibility for their actions, the outcome/opportunity compensation shows the fear all around us is an illusion.

PS – Everything that is good is one and that includes all our evils neglected or ignorance in bliss. Read the article in the link above for more details!

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