Journal Entry 87# Wanting To Write Open Letters To Everyone Who Has Ever Supported Me

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

File:GR-EO-87.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Having a weird couple of days, this is not the time to get off the bleating track. Everybody in their life deserves to shine and the examples are absolutely goddam everywhere. Anyone who has like my stuff on this platform usually is something, in particular, I do not take for granted. I see artists awkward and loud alike with so much potential and they are equally as good as a source as anyone else.

We are all asking the same questions and can only really think of answers as great as our limitations. Pondering such things I identify my greatest flaws in enabling to network these concepts in the right way. I want to psychologically analyse the world and highlight the truly unheard with love and true innovation. Challenging and quantifying for such ideals as peace and innovation adapting to the future.

It might come out of the blue, a tag or direct notification might pop up. I swear together we can get deep into any meaning and purpose in this world. Just announcing the experimentation I can collaborate with others not resorting to a shit show. Let’s break the fourth wall and come to conclusions unpacking paradigms, divergence and the ability adapting to the beautiful future. It is time to pusher harder beyond normal definitions of 2-D spectrums, I’m gonna blow some people minds one step at a time. Stay tuned because I got a cool haiku coming up next in the publishing schedule.

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