Infinity Plus One #EpicPoem (Part 26)

An epic poem written by Lee Sonogan

Infinity Plus One - Reaper Message Board

Starch in his belly,

No more corpses to prove a point.

Everybody else is silly,

Universally weak in the ankle joint.

Surface level cloths,

Animal remains put on a symbolic pedestal.

At what costs?

Traditions on what or not are edible.

Not all eat were cannibals,

All others survived and suffered.

I see those radicals,

And those following the buzzards.

Shills to the flock,

Adults are the young and the younger dumber.

The monkeys were a shock,

Aggressive when it was time for their supper.

Scavenger hunts for justice,

Hate crimes out of support of their own.

Hot take at anyone’s pumice,

More body acting than simply atone.

Muscle memory of poison between plants,

Small acts of destroying the dangerous take place.

Considering the tiniest ants,

Wait until the intelligent rat race.

Crevasses of Loki’s screams,

Soil has risen to the sky, fossils dragged down below.

By all means,

Concepts not even their for a tombstone.

Finding a real home,

Another cave will do.

Hopefully not a catacomb,

Over what meows and moo.

Common occurrences of blood,

Mother nature is out of control.

Deadlier than a flash flood,

Death keeps finding a loophole.

Bloodbaths around every corner,

Can’t they hear the plight of love?

A little heart murmur?

Devoid of…

Still fuzzy around the concept of time,

Prepositions have not lived too long.

Returning back to the ways I’m,

Drat, these infinite powers have a beat of each gong.

Maybe I can fit in if I copy their actions,

Sin of the covet.

Is there a right way to reactions?

Break the ice on the matters of the stomach.

Fruits show that I’m sweet,

And vegetables show a lot of potentials.

Thinking man’s athlete.

There has to be something more circumferential.

Immortals this central,

Because they are supposed to become overall.

Judge the temperamental,

Where is that spirit to enthral?

Before the upcoming ice age,

Resolution tales are integrated.

Let’s see him now on a stage,

Some memories of power deflated.

Deeper meltdowns in front of an audience,

Becoming what he hates.

Mad in a commodity of tolerance,

Patreons paying for attendance at high rates.

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