Tim Tam, a food review

A food review written by Lee Sonogan

File:Tim Tams.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Reviewing food after a long hiatus of doing so, the best biscuit in the world! Australian company Arnott’s produces a lot of things but this just might become the sweetest if you taste it. Almost too good, you could easily find yourself eating the whole pack in one sitting. Proudly claiming ‘There Is No Substitute’ or there packaging the cream and coated a thin layer of chocolate blends together really bringing out that unique flavour.

Loved it by many it is a huge contender in those videos comparing different countries best stuff. Even the variety in deeper textures and styles, from chewy to sweet caramel; it checks most boxes so far. Ian Norris while in Britain, he found the Penguin biscuit and decided to try to “make a better one”. Tim Tam went on to the market in 1964 to still display relevance in modern times.

Not bitter or sour at all, it has the balance for both preferences in specific diets although a decent amount of processed sugar. As more premium editions are willed in by the supply and demand, the ethically free snack is a valid choice for anyone. Getting acoustic, the video below is a pretty cool passionate video resonating with my interest in this product.




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