Journal Entry 86# Thoughts On Trans Athletes

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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Pumping out every controversial opinion I can think of, this topic will finally become discussed once and for all. Simple or complex, there are good arguments on both sides but sports do not mean much if the performance of individuals creates unfair patterns. One MMA instance of one person breaking a women’s skull is one reason to take it seriously but there are nuances and solutions to these problems. Watch the videos below to see how these athletes are in dealing with such backlash from the public.

Relevant, all mainstream sports do not discriminate if your female although in try out there usually first fairly cut. I would recommend playing with your biological sex or making it on to team sports, organise your own division or plainly a mixture of the three. Dysphoria on these existing establishments have areas willing to accept adaptability, on the other hand, they quickly glance over the women’s division rights in the first place.

Overall putting yourself over healthy competition from these personalities do not seem humbled by the victories they snatch up from others feet. For controlled standards before any contest, there need to be limitations for the equality of everyone. Which protects records from becoming broken all over the place for these people. I’m sorry if I seem transphobic contra to support as this is only taboo in the demographic of only 1 percent of the entire world.

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