Journal Entry 85# Provocation Medicine

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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On the cusp of sharing my own personal medicine… provocation defined as testing to elicit a particular response or reflex is an epic task needing to become done to overcome the status quo. To use an idiom taste of your own medicine or even practising what you preach. A healthy competition of ideals is a path that supposed to become nurtured by each other. Identifying malleable perfect love on a pedestal more important than even the individual. Attachment to superiorities and general demeanour counterproductive to the overall cause of peace among worlds is wrong.

Using an altruistic approach, we leave the past where it belongs and adapt to futuristic implications. Strick but loose discipline limiting upon the self’s ego necessary to remain in reality to then facing the light beyond self-imposing creators. Establishing an experience defeating pivoting virtue signally currency expecting more unnecessary rhetoric then listening. Chill metaphysical observations and sources, not resorting to shit shows bantering towards unconscious profit.

What are we doing if we do not leave our draw bridges down and living in absolute positive feedback loops like a solid pattern? As opposed to asymmetry, there is always formulas for a half glass full and nutrient way to innovate a way out of a box. The precision with the definition of detailed subjective and objective terms together inspires such sayings as the pen is mightier than the sword. Either become brainwashed in what you believe and become controlled by it or document credible truths and stand by the case of how humbling it all is. We are never just cured while sustainability that can become over the top is a singular pure meaning of life unavoidable.

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