Devil’s Advocate: 2020

An article written by Lee Sonogan

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I bet the years of the black plague seemed like a bad year and why is this one so bad in comparison? Still having faith we overcome the defining Covid-19 pandemic, I want to argue why it was a good year. In contrast to those opposed using this time to acknowledge all the benefits. Instead of the self-deprecating behaviours, the decade may have been mundane to a certain sense. But laid the groundworks for what is truly next. Empathising on this being one of the best eras of being alive, these events are been nonetheless humbling.

Stating the obvious is surface level stuff masking deeper context to our societies. With people now knowing more than ever, everything is a political statement identifying the differences between norms and the ever-changing landscape. More than genetics, we need to adapt to any situation presented a front of us as the middle ground is self-segregating itself as a minority in the public. Status quo implementation runs wild in the vail of presentation over what actually needs to become done.

Taboo to challenge the loud, still the dynamic of hyperpolarization that is growing from around 10 per cent worldwide. More alternatives than just protesting are popping up online. Now talking about the positive position, my look in statistics show many areas of improvements regarding treatment although some things still remain the same. People without hate and perfect love are making themselves known and this should not become overlooked.

Occam’s Razor is a double-edged sword as the simplest ideas controversial. But the most trendy although complex, in the end, is the only thing today working. In a society with still so much to learn, I bet behind closed doors there is an equal amount of conversation for the good in comparison to the monopoly business mindset. Peacekeepers out there, not gatekeepers give me faith in my own kind in humans that we are not completely going backwards.

Regarding war and only 200 years in existence against toxic tribalism, it is not your fault why things have been bad. See this in the soul of anyone in the street and know what demonic spirits have attached and those full of zest and endless potential. At the start of Donald Trump’s presidency, I found my calling to writing and in this particular date end, I had the emotional intelligence to truly feel one with just about anyone.

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