Journal Entry 84# Deadnaming Disney

A journal entry written by Lee Sonogan

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The Walt Disney Company is a mass media that has been around for a long time. And since in the news recently, problematic elements have occurred way longer before today. I use the term deadnaming which is associated with the biological birth of a transgender or non-binary person without their consent (I am willing to accept everything else if rationale about it). Because they are not transparent with past truths. Being a private company there is some leeway in doing whatever you want, but a double standard in providing a service with an all or nothing cost against you or me that funds them.

In modern times their YouTube channel has been ratioed out because of Gina Carano although last year filming Mulan they filmed major scenes in a real-life concentration camp by the Chinese government. Referencing before with copyright, they lobbied to extend it on all their characters more than 50 years while every else complies with that rule. Getting their hands on other beloved franchises and changing it to their own current narratives including indoctrinating into various bad workplace environments outside the screen as well.

Those South Park satires really hit the nail on the head with all the hypocrisy to forget about the good The Mandalorian or classic Disney animation for kids. Accused of stereotyping giving The Muppets disclaimers, racism, sexism and all other things a sane person knows is questionable to a certain degree but the designed point in generalized norms of that era and organisation. I could go way more in-depth on these topics, on the other hand, this proves the right to challenge any company who change there stance willy nilly in collateral damage against public opinion.

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