Fact or Fiction? Organ harvesting in China

An article written by Lee Sonogan

What do you know about the world of forced organ harvesting?

Firstly I am only commenting on the best international sources and what they said. The idealogy of communism is a controversial topic and contains element for a balance in politics, but when stories over the ocean come out like this; you need to take it seriously. To understand how extreme their government is atleast over the last 20 year, you need to know the history surrounding Falun Gong and The Epoch Times. Trying to understand the climate of their culture at the moment, the propaganda is as strong as any other first world country.

The Epoch Times is a news media service that is labelled in the far right but more around the centre of this side. Blasted for being only conspiracy theory, they are willing to speculate and lean more right although most in my opinion are pretty non-partisan. My connection here is that they are funded and associated with the religious group and a cult according to their oppressive opposite party. The video below is so cringe by a guy in Canada that does not empathise with the persecution they have experienced within expressing nothing harmful in peaceful protest and civil disobedience.

Online the people in this country have next to no freedom of speech (Religion for peace) and similarly in other countries who mock spirituality. Plenty of real journalists have covered this with the China Tribunal stating this is crimes against humanity from a coalition with no Falun Gong practitioners. Many doctors have been caught and sent to jail plus the witness accounts are very compelling. Even back in 2014, there was a documentary made that is highly respected to this day (8.3/10 on IMDB)

Mentioning the concentration camps in Deadnaming Disney journal entry today, the is a supply and demand for organs and black markets hidden from the public eye are still running wild. Summarizing a lot of stuff here, I do not want to be welded into my own home if I catch Covid-19. Overall it is impossible to prove one hundred percent but this is evidence not to be overlooked. I don’t care that this Master Li leader said some weird things, does it make the writing depictions of Jesus or any other deity any less important in the right context?

Fact or Fiction? At least somewhat true, Ethan Gutmann estimating 65,000 organs without consent could become a stretch.



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