Fantasy Booking – WWE vs AEW (Dec 4, Week 4) (Double Or Nothing/Armageddon)

Fantasy booking created by Lee Sonogan

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AEW – Double Or Nothing – Quater-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. For The AEW Tag Team Championship – Tag Team Match

Dax Harwood (C), Cash Wheeler (C) (FTR) vs Shawn Micheals, Triple H (DX) – Winners: Shawn Micheals (C), Triple H (C) (DX) > Cutting the ring, FTR team up on Hunter. Shawn with a fresh tag and gets a hot comeback. Targeted limbs cause him to no longer be in control. Slowing getting more back and forth, it is anyone’s game. After 25 minutes in the opener, DX land a bunch of signatures and do their Sweet Chin and Pedigree combinations for the win.

2. For the Japanese and X Division Championships – Triple Threat match

Shinsuke Nakamura (C) vs MJF (C) vs Kota Ibushi – Winner: Kota Ibishi (C) > Shin heels it up and let MJF and Kota fight out their issues. Trying to sneak in they work together to put the Japanese champ in his place. Intently slowing down the pace, MJF counters a lot of Kota’s high flying stuff. A close fall as Shin gives that big knee twice to his opponents but both cancel out each other’s pins. By the end a clothesline over the top rope Pinning MJF to earn the X Divison title after a Golden Sun Powerbomb.

3. For The TNT Championship – singles match

Cody Rhodes (C) vs Mick Foley – Winner: Cody Rhodes (C) > Foley off being a former Trios champion and leader in the WWE invasion needs gold again said JR, a commentator. The somewhat strong style incorporated, Cody the babyface takes a lot of impact from strikes and physical manoeuvres. Spot with the Mandible Claw and Mr Socko but is reversed to get momentum Cody needed. Another 15 minutes go by with transitions into many technical spots, Cross Rhodes and he retains. Bad guy Foley mad brings out the Thumbtacks and does his DDT sticking them into his skull.

4. Main Event – For The AEW Heavyweight Championship (All finishers and signatures are banned)

Kazuchika Okada (C) Vs Cain Valesquez – Winner: Kazuchika Okada (C) > A rematch from Cain’s contract made this happen alongside Joe Rogan cheating for him a week or two ago. Muscle memory teases normal moves but they relise that and do something different then they have done before. Labelling this going longer than 50 minutes, they experiment with the craft and art of it all. Cain did not show any weakness throughout until caught in a Brainbuster from the second rope, but a two count. The finish is a sequence of Irish whips, dropkicks and that ultimate version of the Rain Maker with the pointed edge of the elbow literally busting him open and stunned realistically to become one of the only few to beat Cain twice. Joe Rogan comforts him in his lose but he shakes hands with Okada and walks to the back with some grace.

WWE – Armageddon – Quater-empty audience (Undisclosed) location

Main Show

1. Winner Takes All – Singles Match (For the WWE and AEW Championship, Women’s Tag Team Championship and the AEW Video Game Championship

Charlotte Flair (C) (C) vs Asuka (C) (C) (C) – Winner: Charlotte Flair (C) (C) (C) (C) (C) > Imagine this match so much on the line, this real life match from Wrestlemania 34 is how I would describe this match minus the win streak from that one.

2. For the Trios Championship – Six Man Tag

AJ Styles (C) Luke Gallows (C) Karl Anderson (C) (The OC) vs Big Show (C), Goldberg (C), Jim Cornette – Winners: AJ Styles (C) Luke Gallows (C) Karl Anderson (C) (The OC) via a DQ > Giving Orders Cornette stays in position to the very end. Big Show and Goldberg show their worth by not being overwhelmed. The OC pulls of a giant Styles clash on the Big Show but he kicked out. Goldberg does a Big E spear through the middle ropes and the other side but hits Gallows, not AJ he was going for. The OC start dominating, by taking advantage of mistakes and slightly distracted by Jim Cornette. Setting up a Magic Killer on Goldberg, Cornette with Teniss Racket at hand blatantly hit AJ in the back of the head and the ref calls it.

3. For The IC Championship – Singles Match

Sting (C) vs Samoa Joe – Winner: Sting (C) They tease being serious but Joe simply falls to his back to the booes of the crowd. Sting makes the cover, 1,2,3.

4. For the 24/7 Championship – Fatal four way

Richochet (C) vs Kurt Angle vs Kofi Kingston vs Batista – Winner: Kofi Kingston (C) < Angle, Angle Slams everybody but they all kick out. Kofi and Richochet in an unlikely due put on damage to the larger others. Batista Spears everyone including this move on the apron. Richochet, Angle and Batista get caught up on a turnbuckle and do a powerbomb, suplex which yo don’t know who got the worst of it. Angle is first up but a huge 360 springboard Trouble in Paradise and it was enough to defeat the Main Event Mafia member and get the title without pinning Richochet.

5. Main Event – For The WWE Championship – Six Man Hell In A Cell

Undertaker (C) vs Brock Lesnar vs Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock vs Shawn Micheals (C) vs Seth Rollins (Suprise) – Winner: Brock Lesnar (C) Vince comes out with Undertaker and says the next man who literally died and the sixth competitor in this cage to everyone’s disbelief. Lesnar and Taker roll out of the ring and the remaining four brawl. Shawn gets a moment giving a Sweet Chin to everyone. Lesnar pulls the rug from under the Rock and drags him out and slams him against the cage where the wall falls out. Rollins is first to climb to the top of the two-story mesh with Stone Cold to follow with Shawn close behind. Reminded of the first HIAC, Shawn and Taker fight on the side of it and then fall through the announcer’s table. Lesnar now on top being very careful F-5’s Rollins and the ceiling breaks through, Seth takes a nasty bump from that height. The Rock says screw this and starts climbing down with Stone Cold. Before touching the ground, Lesnar does a drop down the hole and perfectly lands a Shooting Star Press. The Rock and Steve rush to the ring but it too late as Seth is pinned and probably completely recked his internal organs.

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