The Commando, a movie review

A movie review written by Lee Sonogan

1hr30mins (1985) Action, Adventure, Thriller

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“Commando” is undoubtedly Arnie’s best. The movie begins with John Matrix’s (schwarzenegger) daughter (alyssa milano) getting kidnapped. Basically Matrix has a little over 10 hours to save his daughter from an evil dictator, and in order to get her back, he has to take on a bunch of hoodlums, corrupt ex-Green Berets, and a small army. – partymachine221 (IMDB – 10/10)

Speaking of an underrated movie from the eighties, this film overlooked by some still remains fresh in my mind for two reasons. Emphasis on the action crosses choreography and special effects in a unique way which has its R and PG version with major differences. And actual slightly deeper than the normal context that you would expect. Before Schwarzenegger was a blockbuster star, all the foundation of later roles were seen in this movie.

Mentioning the video below, maybe not watch it right now to see the whole thing in its full length. Also producing a lot of memes, there is a style to its own intensity. Our main has plenty of scenes that flex some acting performance done in his youth. A con is the tropes are cliches parodied heaps today but easy to get past with the nurtured nature of the general story flow.

Overall the replay value when defining the history of all things cinema although has its flaws being dated in modern times. I recommend it because it is nostalgic for me amongst many others while appealing to a period piece more widespread. Concluding with it is not for everyone and my rating will reflect that statement. Above average and in a category where the boys are separated from the men.


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